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Trainer of NBA and Professional European players, and owner of 2 basketball camps for porfessionnal players in Los Angeles and Paris, Arnaud Ferec has taken his knowledge and experience to create the best basketball coaching app to date.

PERFCOACH is a powerful training solution featuring videos of some of the best players and coaches teaching you the fundamentals of Basketball. Built as an interactive game with awards and level progression, PERFCOACH puts the FUN into FUNDAMENTALS to make you a great Basketball player!


NBA Players at your Fingertips.

HD videos featuring NBA players, NCAA and international coaches, and world-class trainers demonstrate the techniques, and keep you motivated as you progress through challenges and track your performance.

  •   Train like a Pro, and with a Pro.
  •   Download the Drills, practice the skills.
  •   Train anytime and anywhere with your iPhone.
  •   Track your progression and increase your performance over time.

Amazing Features

The most complete training solution yet

NBA Training Videos

Videos of NBA players sharing their favorite drills, NCAA coaches explaining how to improve your game, and advice from world-class trainers.

Shot Tracking System

Record your actions using your phone or ipod’s touch screen, and let the app track and analyse your progress.

Shooting Chart Analysis

Know your sweet zone, where you excel the most and track your progress the way professional players do.

Mindset and Focus

Drills progress based on past results to keep you challenged. Exercises may include "Score 6 in a row", "Shoot 30 basket in 3 minute", etc...

Player Avatar

Your avatar shows your Skills, Conditioning, Prevention, and Mental Strength. It evolves with you.

Gaming Experience

Play games at your playground or online. Equip your avatar, unlock badges, earn trophies and get free goodies!


A stunning look for an optimal training experience

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